Mindfulness in Giving Back

Rising Phoenix Tai Chi Arts Club

West Chester University’s students approached Professor Mitch Goldfarb to deepen their understanding of the Art of T’ai Chi. Their joy of self-discovery through its Taoist principles gave them a glimpse into the richness of the journey.

Originally started as an advanced study group, the Rising Phoenix T’ai Chi Arts Club has expanded into community service. It’s mindful approach to daily living now extends beyond the classroom and the university’s walls.

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De-Stressing Was Never So Much Fun!

Start Feeling Energized Now!
With slow moving physical poses and relaxed breathing techniques that develop awareness of your body, Tai Chi will help you focus and relieve your everyday stress while building your energy. As Grandmaster Benjamin Lo says: “Use Chi, Not Muscle.” This points the way to Without Effort.
You’ll learn to Do Less to Achieve More.

Tai Chi not only exercises your body, but your mind as well. With a healthy body and mind, you’re on your way to a more fulfilling life.

What stress relieving tips can you share?
How has Tai Chi helped you and increased your fun?
What are you mindful of today?

Thank you for your help in building a community of mindfulness and connection.

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