About Tai Chi Arts

What is T’ai Chi?

Health and rejuvenation are the primary goals of T’ai Chi, a system of slow, gentle, non-strenuous movements ideal for people of any age who want to stay flexible, increase their energy and reduce stress. T’ai Chi literally means “the play of opposites.” Professor Goldfarb shares with you this wonderful art where one joins the mind, the body and the spirit. It leads to more graceful, effortless movement in your everyday life.

About Professor Goldfarb

Professor Mitch Goldfarb

Mitch is currently a Professor at West Chester University in the Kinesiology Department. He also teaches at the Spirit of Yoga Wellness Center (Downingtown, PA), Hershey’s Mill (West Chester, PA), Academy House (Philadelphia, PA), The Light Within (West Grove, PA) and other facilities in the Philadelphia area. His teaching background includes over three decades experience instructing at various Philadelphia area colleges and universities. In addition to T’ai Chi, Mitch is certified in alternative healing as a Reiki Master and Master Instructor.

Mitch’s studies of T’ai Chi and Push Hands include work with Jano Cohen (The Bridge – Narberth, PA), Grandmaster Maggie Newman (New York), Grandmaster Benjamin Lo (California), Grandmaster Dr. Tao Ping-Sang (Taiwan), and Grandmaster William C. C. Chen (New York). All the Grandmasters were life students of Cheng Man-ch’ing, the person responsible for developing the most popular form of T’ai Chi, the Short Yang Form.

Professor Goldfarb’s CD Do Less – Achieve More, a Guided Instruction for the Short Yang Form is used in West Chester University classes. Students have found this step-by-step narrative simple and easy to follow, allowing for a deeper enjoyment of the T’ai Chi Form. It’s available at the University Bookstore.

Mitch has also been actively involved in writing and producing various healing and meditation CD’s, including five CD’s for Dr. Deepak Chopra. Goldfarb’s CD Native Path for T’ai Chi, Yoga and meditation is out on the Kunduru label and available on iTunes.

Mitch’s writing and production can also be heard on the Living Consciously By Design meditation and mindful living series, Embracing Abundance. In this wonderful five CD collection, Mitch teams with spiritual leader Normand René Poulin in creating a guided meditation experience like no other. The series is available at their website.


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