Tai Chi Arts Club

Woman Practice Tai Chi - Rising Phoenix Tai Chi Arts Club of West Chester UniversityWhat do you want out of life?
Do you want to improve your athletic ability?  Enhance creative power? Attract wealth? Happiness? Better grades? Relationships? Love? Relaxation?

Whatever you want out of life, you can learn to attract through practicing the Art of T’ai Chi. Sure, it sounds impossible. How would doing such small movements with your body bring you wealth? Or relationships? Or anything else, for that matter?

When I Began
When I began practicing T’ai Chi in PEA144 almost two years ago under Professor Goldfarb’s teaching, I had no idea what potential T’ai Chi would unlock in my life. I only wanted a way to relax and let go of the stress that built up quickly in my daily life. Anyone else who is a college student can relate to that. In addition to learning how to relax instantly in any situation, I gained an understanding of the world, the mind, the spirit, and myself.

What Is T’ai Chi?
T’ai Chi is a moving meditation; by simply focusing on controlled movements, you are letting go with the mind, and moving into a state of meditation! It comes from a Taoist philosophy, which involves “Doing Less to Achieve More.” Through intention, attention, and a little bit of inspiration, we can achieve anything we want! What could be an easier way to get exactly what you want out of life?

Join the Experience
To experience this life-enhancing art, join Rising Phoenix T’ai Chi Arts Club of West Chester University! Whether you have done T’ai Chi before or not, there is a place for you! Advanced students will deepen their understanding while learning new moves, and beginner students will learn from the beginning (or, I should say, The Preparation).

Meetings & Workshops
Please join our club. All are invited. Receive our Newsletter to learn about meeting times and locations as well as great tips to reduce stress and build your energy. We look forward to an exciting program of T’ai Chi, outreach, and community!

~ Liz Bondelid & Randy Edwards
     Rising Phoenix Co-Founders

Logo - Rising Phoenix Tai Chi Arts Club of West Chester University


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